Welcome to the FoodFactory foundation.

About a 1000 people die from starvation every hour. The FoodFactory is an idea from the Dutch inventor Bart Hogebrink to fight world hunger by industrially farming insects for food. With this idea, he won TNO's Not Invented Yet contest, a contest for inventions with the potential to change the future in a positive way. The FoodFactory Foundation has been founded by Bart (IniVention) and Henk van Deventer (TNO), and aims to realize this idea.

Insects are highly nutritious; they generally contain more protein and less fat than traditional meats. They also have an almost 20 times higher food conversion efficiency than traditional meats. Furthermore, they reproduce much faster than cattle, are easy to raise and need far less living space.

In many parts of the world insects are already popular as food. But the current method of harvesting (by hand in the wild) makes them expensive, susceptible for extinction, droughts and natural enemies. Furthermore, they are only available in significant quantities is specific seasons.

The idea of the FoodFactory is to design highly scalable factories where insects are grown, harvested and processed in an industrial way, making the process of making insect-based food cheap and controllable. As a result, food can be produced at such low costs, that even the poorest people can obtain enough food to survive, learn and work. Thus not just hunger, but also poverty, unemployment and environmental problems can be tackled.

Winnaar TNO's Not Invented Yet wedstrijd 2007

Insect farms are being realized!
Bill Clinton awards $1M for insect farming concept!
(Bart recognized as inventor, see comments below)